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Day 4 of Vinyl

So my coffee table broke. I found one at a garage sale for $5. It was structurally fine but the top needed to be re-finished.

I took a picture of the top of the table and tried three different designs in my Paint Shop Pro. All over white chevron, areas with chalk board vinyl and text or take my tree file and manipulate it to look similar to my family tree.

969100_634806079876799_206216127_n 1012259_634806076543466_720166063_n 1002494_634806069876800_1164095896_n

I actually places these images of my FB page and had people vote and the tree gained the most votes.

I opened my tree file. I then measured my coffee table and created an oval the same size. I moved around the branches and leaves and they were sized appropriately.


I used Oracal 651 Brown for the tree, Green for the leaves, and Blue for the bird.

I started by lightly sanding the top of the table.


I painted two coats of white base.

20130731_144224   20130731_173051

I then used a matte blue that was similar to the color of my walls.


Two coats.

I again placed my vinyl pieces and they seemed to stick better o the matte paint compared to when I was working on my walls.

I let the vinyl adhere for 24 hours. I then painted two clear coats to seal in the vinyl. I did not want my little people picking at the vinyl.


Finished Product




Here is the Family Tree SVG Download (570)

Here is the Family Tree Studio Download (388)

If there is any problem let me know. I am still new to converting items into studio.





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