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Day 2 of Vinyl

Once you start down the road of vinyl no surface in your house will be safe. I was working on updating a very plain white kitchen. I decided to paint the bottom cabinets an amazing color of mint. I am in love with this spring’s mint. I then plotted chevron strips out of Oracal 651 white vinyl.

My first steps were to remove all cabinet doors and hardware. I painted a base coat of white even though the door were white already, just to cover any dark scratches. I then applied two coats of mat mint paint. Letting them dry a day between each.

I measured all cabinet doors making sure I had the proper length. Again, this was another project where I weeded my vinyl, removing the vinyl from the backing and applied to the cabinet without application tape. I was afraid the application tape was going to remove paint.

I decided in my rough and tough kitchen it was best to apply two coats of clear shellac, to keep the vinyl adhered to the doors.

Here’s the Before and Afters.




Close up.




Looking back now I should ave made of an effort to align the chevron that meets on the two cabinet doors that touch each other.


Here is the Chevron SVG Download (390)

Here is the Chevron Studio Download (328)

If there is any problem let me know. I am still new to converting items into studio.


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